Hill and Dale School Hours
  • Our half day Preschool program runs from 9:00 to 11:45 with a "Lunch Bunch Program" available until 1:00. Our full day program runs to 3:00.
  • Kindergarten hours are from 9:00 to 3:00

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Hill and Dale School
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About Us

How did Hill and Dale School Begin?

Hill and Dale School was founded over 35 years ago. Mrs. Hyldahl and Mrs. Bramley, both certified teachers, started a playgroup for their own children. Friends hearing about how much fun the children were having, asked if their own children could join the group. Word began to spread and the demand for a more formal school arose. From that small beginning Hill and Dale School was born. Over the years it has expanded from just a Pre-school program to a Pre-School/Kindergarten Program in 2 locations. 

Why chose Hill and Dale School over a large corporate center?

Many corporate centers are just that, corporate. Their primary focus is the financial side of the business. Hill and Dale School is a child oriented school program with the primary emphasis on the overall development of the whole child; academically, physically, and socially. 

How have you been able to stay in business so long?

It is extremely easy to continue to do something that you love. Teaching children about the world around them in an extremely fulfilling profession. Over the 35 years we have been running a successful program, we have had the priveledge of becoming a part of so many families and have even started to teach the second generation of students. We are deeply rooted in our community and our reputation is second to none. 

What are some of the important areas of child development that are emphasized?

Hill and Dale School is a total learning environment. Every opportunity is used to teach and help your child grow socially, emotionally, and academically. Hill and Dale prides itself on providing a learning atmosphere that fosters your child's self esteem. We accomplish this not through words, but by providing your child with hands on learning experiences from which they can develop pride in their own accomplishments and feel good about what they are capable of achieving. 

In addition to academic growth, children need time to socialize with their peers. It is through this interaction that they develop social skills that will assist them throughout their lives. 

Children also need to learn to function in a structured setting outside the confines of their home, so that they start to develop independence. All these areas, and more, are featured in Hill and Dale's Preschool and Kindergarten Programs. 

 At Hill and Dale School we focus on:

  • Social Development
  • Circle Time
  • Current Events
  • Letter/Writing/Reading Skill Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Math/Number Skills
  • Science Skills
  • Social Studies
  • Independence/Self Confidence 
  • Musical & Artistic Expression
  • Outdoor Play
  • Large & Fine Motor Skill Development
  • Cooking
  • Letter Recognition
  • Character Building Activities
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